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Raw materials
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Paper grades
Via Ciarpi, 77
55016 - Porcari (LU)
Phone no: 0583/2140
Fax no: 0583/299051
Member: Full Member
Managing Director: Massimo Pasquini
Overall company capacity: 100.001 - 300.000
Overall company employees: 501 - 1.000
Italian Mills:
Name: Lucart SpA - Diecimo Mill
Director: Sig. Roberto Benzi
Street: Zona industriale di Diecimo
City: Diecimo
ZIP Code: 55023
State: LU
Region: Toscana
Country: Italy
Phone no: 0583/83701
Fax no: 0583/838262
Name: Lucart SpA - Porcari Mill
Director: Ing. Pierluigi Della Monica
Street: Via Ciarpi, 77
City: Porcari
ZIP Code: 55016
State: LU
Region: Toscana
Country: Italia
Phone no: 0583/2140
Fax no: 0583/299051
Name: Lucart SpA-Stabilimento di Castelnuovo di Garfagnana
Director: Ing. Duccio Ledda
Street: Via E.Fermi 13
City: Castelnuono di Garfagnana
ZIP Code: 55032
State: LU
Region: Toscana
Country: Italia
Phone no: 0583/6401
Fax no: 0583/640311
Name: Lucart SpA-Stabilimento di Avigliano
Director: Ing. Saverio Sarubbo
Street: Loc. Serra Ventaruli
City: Avigliano
ZIP Code: 85021
State: PZ
Region: Basilicata
Country: Italia
Phone no: 0971/703111
Fax no: 0971/700666
Director: Sig. Mauro Manzato
Street: Via Galileo Galilei, 4
City: Torre di Mosto
ZIP Code: 30020
State: VE
Region: Veneto
Country: Italy
Phone no: 0421/312811
Fax no: 0421/473757
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Paper Grades:
Other paper grades: Tissue paper, thin papers
Packaging papers: Wrapping papers for foodstuffs, Kraft packaging papers and imitation kraft packaging papers, Kraft sack papers, Flexible packaging papers, Bag papers, Base paper to be treated or to be pasted, Wove papers for packaging
Household paper and paper for sanity purposes: Household paper and paper for sanitary purposes
Raw Materials:
Virgin fibre, paper for recycling


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CEPI 2050
Premio OMI 2016
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