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Company name
No. Employees
Raw materials
Area of interest
Paper grades
Viale Stazione, 1
45017 - Loreo (RO)
Phone no: 0426 334533
Fax no: 0426 334313
Member: Full / Associated Member
Legal Representative:
Managing Director: Nome Cognome
Overall company capacity: 100.001 - 300.000
Overall company employees: 51 - 250
Italian Mills:
Name: Loreo
Street: Viale Stazione, 1
City: Loreo
ZIP Code: 45017
State: Rovigo
Region: Veneto
Country: Italia
Phone no: 0426 922299
Fax no: 0426 922295
Name: Cavanella Po - Adria
Street: Loc. Cavannella Po - Zona A.I.A.
City: Adria
ZIP Code: 45011
State: Rovigo
Region: Veneto
Country: Italia
Phone no: 0426 922211
Fax no: 0426 922222
Paper Grades:
Packaging papers: Wrapping papers for foodstuffs, Kraft packaging papers and imitation kraft packaging papers, Kraft sack papers, Flexible packaging papers, Bag papers, Base paper to be treated or to be pasted, Wove papers for packaging
Other paper grades: Filter papers, Paper for impregnation, Paper for electrical use, Paper for industrial use, Base paper of various grades, Tissue paper, thin papers,
Fluting papers, corrugating papers: Recycled liners, Fluting papers, White or brown Kraftliner, White or brown Testliner
Writing and printing paper: Newsprint papers, Hand-made and imitation hand-made papers, art book papers, Auto-copyng papers, Laser paper, Machine finished papers (for envelops, labels, posters, etc.), One-side coated papers, Light coated papers, Traditional and modern coated papers, Other stationary papers (exercise books, albums, etc.), Typewriter papers, office papers, Copyng and xerography papers, Paper for continuous forms, diagram papers, Offset papers, rotoffset, rotogravure papers, etc., Share papers, security papers, Light papers, laid and move paper for graphical use, Cast-coated papers
Household paper and paper for sanity purposes: Household paper and paper for sanitary purposes
Cardboards and boards: Pulp based white cardboard, One or two side coated white cardboard, white inside, White-white cardboard, White-white cardboard high grammage, wood inside, White-grey cardboard, White-kraft cardboard, Board of all grades(folding boxboards, coated boards, etc.), Grey-brown cardboard for foodcontact, Cardboards (grey, white/grey, etc.), Cardboards for converting industries and bulking board, Cardboards for other industrial purposes, Cardboards for texile industry, tubes, manufacturing, coloured cardboards
Commercial pulp: Commercial pulp
Raw Materials:
virgin fibre, other fibre, paper for recycling


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